Karangan ni cikgu dah betulkan. Yang bergaris ni lah yang cikgu betulkan. Kalau ade yang salah, comment tau. Tak de yang salah pon comment la. Tak gesah la. Kalau boleh, bagi peratus sekali. Per 30. CONTOH: 27/ 30. Okey! Begini bunyinya.....

Assuming you were one of the boy scouts at the camping outing, describe what you saw and did. Use the notes given to help you in your description.

Picture 1: -camping site
               -my group collecting firewood
               -others cooked, pitched tents
Picture 2:-dinner
              -sang songs
              -told stories


     Last Saturday, my friends and I were having a camping at the camp site. We had divided into three groups. Every groups must had two persons. I was in the second group with Raju. Chong and Abu were in the first group while Ali and John in the last group.

     We started our journey at 5 o'clock in the evening and arrived there at 6 o'clock in the evening. When arrived there, we put our things on the ground and started our works. My group was asked to collect some firewood while the first group had to cook. The last group, Ali and John had to pitch the tents. We did the works so fast because the day was getting dark. After that, we took a bath.

     At 7.00 p.m, Raju and Chong maked the fire lighted up. We had a dinner at 7.15 p.m until 7.40 p.m. After that, the Muslims went to pray while the others cleaned up the ground. After that, we had a campfire in front of the tents. To make us happy, John and Abu sang some songs while I played a guitar. The others just clapped their hands. 

     At 9.00 p.m, once again the Muslims went to pray while the others prepared the place to sleep. After having the pray and prepared our place to sleep, we came back make a circle around the campfire. Before we went to sleep, Ali, Chong and Raju told us some stories in different languages. There were comedy, sad and horror stories. We can felt them. We were so tired and stared sleepy. We went to our tents and went to sleep at 12.00 p.m.

Abis da....

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